Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can't Escape From Being Human

Just observed that the title of this article came into my mind before i could start writing the article unlike other times. well this abrupt piece of information has nothing to do with the real article but one thing is that this time ( for a change) I clearly know what I wish to talk about.

Last night from an ancient collection of books(thanks to mom for preserving) I found few letters writen by my grandfather to my father and mother. onc side dedicated to thoughts specific to his son-in-law in poetic 18th century English & the other for his daughter in ethinic Bengali.
since you and I would not be able to comprehend the bengali part of the letter & also it was the English part which attracted me the most.

Almost Thousand words written in a space of 2-3'' with such a microscopic writing yet a flamboyant calligraphic expression which was enough to put me to shame with my rediculous handwriting.

since we have enough discussed about the medium of expression, what was most interesting was the expression itself. honest confession of a father who finds himself absolutely helpless infront of his daughter's will. a regret for not being able to give her all his time. guilt of not being able to save the daughter form that hollowness which was created after the mother had died. and a request to his son-in-law to fulfil all that he could not fulfil as a father. and to treat her like a princess as he always did & to forgive her for all her mistakes as he did. and to always bring smile on her face & happiness in her life as he always wanted to.

in the letter I saw a helpless father who was not hopeless.

love you nanu.  :)


  1. That is really so cute. You should take snaps of the letter and post it so we can also see this amazing calligraphy :-)

  2. You are nice Nandita. I know it by the way that you have written this. Your love for your nanu could be felt.