Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Long Forgotten Tale Of Friendshitp, Love and Separation

A long forgotten tale of friendship, love and separation
knocked at the doors of my memory.
An unforgivable betrayal haunts me again
making me feel really sorry.
It all started when we were very young
not more than fourteen- fifteen.
An innocent sweet and lovely affair
which was never before seen.
We would laugh over silly things
and laugh our hearts out.
Standing idle at the corridor
would shout each others name aloud.
Those silly fights and long talks
forgetting everyone around.
Dancing together for hours at once
on lovely mystical heavenly sounds.
To cry for no reason
and hold each other tight.
Those countless hours
spent on boarding dream flights.
Separation was the only thing
we could never imagine.
We would always stay together,
and love forever, we were pledging.
But life has its own ways,
its own reasons and predeclared destiny.
It had broken several hearts
and had separated many.
And now when life decides
to take a u-turn again.
Here he stands questioning my disappearance
and once again i could feel the same pain.


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  2. a seperation and pain...there is some sadness in our poem but the flow of your poem is very smooth.Good writing!

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