Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Mighty Must Win

I have always felt Majestic.

since i was born till this date,
when i sit in a simple coffee shop.

Well nothing Majestic about this act
but my personality surely is.

I feel so because I have the power
to touch move and inspire people.

Only such people can lead a team
in a constructive direction.

No external influence or mechanism required.

No money but yes education is must.

Right now I may appear to be uselessly running
but this useless run would surely
take me ahead one day.

When people of my age would be
dealing with mid-life crises,
I would be free.

As i have always been
because thats what I choose for myself.

Thats what we all must choose for ourselves.

The Freedom
Go ahead .choose it.

You are really worth it
and then it will make you feel Majestic

the way I do.


  1. It was a nice poem but please define "freedom".

  2. Thank u Nethra
    freedom is for u to define for urself
    my defination could be extremely different from that of yours.
    for me - being able to sip a cup of tea at the local NUkkad chai wala, without being stared at, can also be a sign of freedom.

  3. Exactly! Probably everyone is doing whatever they want so they must be enjoying freedom and it's not just you, right?