Monday, July 19, 2010

I Wana Fall In Love With You Again

I want to fall in love
again & again with you.
Its such a wonderful feeling
that fantasies appear true.

Those early days in a relationship
& those pangs of hesitations.
Wanting to wait for more,
ah love & its sedations.

Unfulfilled desires & hope
that "I would say it next time".
Attempt to write a love letter
those funny couplets which rhyme.

To keep on thinking all the time
what would be in his mind
& if he forgets to say good night
calling him unkind.

Unintentionally drawing a heart
whereever you go & sit.
unusually loosing appetite
whole day withpout eating a bit.

countlessly counting petals
"he loves me, he loves me not"
lying that you didn'y miss him
& then getting caught.

I wana feel it all
from hot sun to lovely rain
oh my lovely love
I wana fall in love with you again.


  1. Nandita this is a cry from a lonely heart !
    Its an emotionally sweet poem ... mmmuuuhhhaa!
    keep writing ... writing practice makes you a good writer .

  2. dont fall raise in love... thats LOVE!

  3. i love to be in the state
    that non- conformist form
    @Hazel- thanku dahling...muuuuuuuaahhh

  4. Love Love, just love it!!
    Very well said :)