Friday, July 16, 2010

To Embrace My Life & Give One Last Kiss

Imagine & it will turn true
thats what I was told to do.

To laugh & to sing
to fly wild on the swings

To run away all bare foot
amidst branches & shoot

To giggle unecessarily
look at the blue sky merrily.

Watching clouds & guessing shapes
those fresh garden pears, peach & grapes.

All fresh, laden with vitality.
Yes it all existed in reality.

Now gone are those days
those fresh morning sunrays.

All that is left behind
are the circumstances unkind.

Which prevails through our lives
Here no life can thrive.

Gone are the days of vitality
all we have is complete brutuality.

I crave to go back
with all my bags packed

To the same Garden of life
where my imagination can survive.

Where imagination can create castles
where I can laugh with no hassles.

I wish to run one more time
have hills around to climb.

To go breathless & yet continue
to reach the nature & get renew.

To lay down on the wet grass
while several hours pass.

I wish, I wish & thats the only wish
to embrace my life & give one last kiss.


  1. Hey...Nandita!...

    I was all right about you.... Few words for you. thanks for being in life. You are a person..who gives others a comfort.. a happiness.

    Wish to be a kid..all again. wish to be the one who loved by all... wish to give a smile ....

    To reach the place..where no one can touch... to feel the breeze on touch clouds, to feel the air while breathing...when it goes in.

    To be down to waterfall....and touching small fish. To let water make shiver with cold.

    To feel rain drops on face...

    A wish is to get the wish that all the wishes come true...

  2. thanx Mohit
    @Rahul- ur words r no less touching
    no one ever wrote such beautiful lines for me
    thanx yaar

  3. Nice refreshing writing actually, if I may ask, what provoked you to write this or rather what state of your mind forced you this way?

  4. Hey Ucantseema buddy
    thanx for the lovely comment
    well i m a born free kinds
    i live in a city but always crave to run away to the nature
    all these feelings bring out these words in me
    weel this one is really close to my heart & dere are many othesr whih are equally beautiful
    pls chk dem as well
    u wud surely like them as well
    take care