Monday, July 5, 2010

Lovely Unprovoked Laugh

I hope I get enough reasons, in my life, to laugh
I love to laugh.Its my favorite Act.

I do it often, throughout the day,
has been doing it for years now.

But unlike my other hobbies, it did not fade away with time.
thankfully, it didn't.

I can't imagine myself without that unprovoked giggle
That useless loud laugh.Useless for others, vital for me.

People around, tried so hard to shut me up
but this laugh doesn't seem to listen to anyone.

It pops out whenever it wishes
As if it has its own identity.An independant identity.

The mere thought of it fading away, scares me to death.
Life without this lovely laugh will actually be a death.

No matter how many obstacles it faces
it never flickers even for a second.

The problems in my life are really annoyed
of its frequent and abrupt occurance.

But this abrupt occurance is my strength
My only strength.

My laugh is also my best friend,who truely stayed
through thick and thin.My only companion.

I tried to infect many with this rare disease.
but it did not stayed with them for long.

They cured it with the common medication
of reasoning & seriousness.

May be this laugh was cured as easily as it is provoked.
Or may be it doesn't like their company,
so it keeps fleeing from their faces.

I keep cracking same old jokes to at least bring a smile
on their sulking faces

but in the end,I end up laughing
and they stay amused at my unusual capability.

I wish to laugh till I die
A huge lovely unprovoked laugh is what i wish to give to this world.


  1. Laugh... u know the o knitting a poem... with conclusion... keet it up!!!!!