Saturday, July 31, 2010


There is something really strong, provoking my senses
Pulling my hair, touching my neck, stretching my arms
Almost carrying me away.
The feeling has always been there
but was never so strong as it is now.
These sudden rounds of fantasies keep occurring through out the day
more than they ever did before
Leaving me midway real & virtual.
And I continue to stay in the same state for hours
Like it that way
Just hanging on longer than required
Ecstasy is what I experience these days,
Bliss is all around. But yet
there is this urge of running away from the real
and enter the virtual all the more.
There is no fear of unknown
but somewhere a hidden liking

I know such wilderness doesn’t suit my age, my gender & my profession
But when did I actually care.
The concern is that now it is growing really fast
& then there could be real consequences if the desires are not met dearly
I fear these consequences.
So here I promise myself a runaway trip
A trip to some beautiful unknown land
An entire union with nature & a satiating journey
Journey For My Soul, Journey To My Soul


  1. The journey within is the journey towards the ultimate!! Keep moving.. no one can stop u there... if u decide then the whole world will conspire u!! all the best for the real traveler!!

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  3. Its simply the restless seeking expression.Nice!