Monday, July 25, 2011

Delhi To Leh - 100 Rupay Jeb Main : The Nature’s Reward – Moore Plains

As I already cried about the horrible road conditions between sarchu & Pang, I must tell you that on a number of places we had to halt & wait for the BRO people to clear the landslide effected roads for us. BRO is the authority who is responsible for the upkeep & maintenance of the roads in Himachal & Kashmir region. It was only a few kilometers before Pang that we got an absolutely Smooth patch of road running parallel to a beautiful river which later turns into Chenab. It was nice to have this beautiful blue companion running with us touching the curves of valleys between red rock mountains.

Stopped at Pang for a lunch,though it was evening tea time. Those three musketeers also reached the same place at the same time. Funny guys, we could not stop laughing at their naturally humoristic jokes. The place we stopped for lunch was run by a mother & a daughter. Both seemed to be high in spirit but their food was high on Yak’s hair. I could eat nothing but a chocolate. The terrain had taken away my appetite entirely. But all the boys were gulping as if they had never been fed before. The woman & her daughter got so pissed off that they almost started abusing in their own language.

The story of those three musketeers is very strange but it’s the way of their life. The guys are from the marketing background, placed in different MNCs in Delhi & NCR. They work very hard for six months; earn good salary & double incentives only to leave their job for a crazy expedition like this one. What a life! None of them has a girlfriend & no one cares about the career. But the life they live is worth all that. I got inspired by them & came out of that sulky mood.

Next, what I witnessed was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Moore Plains at 4730 Alt. it’s a 30-35 kms stretch of plains amidst mountains. It’s actually a desert but most beautiful terrain. We were extremely lucky to reach this part of Ladakh in the evening when the sun was setting down. It was here when I realized that nature generously awards those who are brave enough to win the challenges she gives. And the award she gives, can never be forgotten. Not at least in this life.

On Moore Plains, we were expecting a smooth highway as a number of people had told us earlier. But when we reached there, we found the road being taken out & kept on one side. All we could find was traces of wheels on sand which we started following. But then afteral it was a desert. The bike started skidding. We saved ourselves from falling several times. It made the bike driver much more tired that he started loosing control. That’s when we had to leave the bike resting on one side of the road & we on the other. Tired, we fell on the sand as one would fall on one’s bed. We didn’t want to move even an inch. Above us was the sky changing several colors. Never before had I seen such a vibrant sky. It felt as if a painter is trying to mix some colors on a blue canvas. All around us was the loneliness. Not even a single living thing visible around. All of a sudden we started laughing over our miserable situation. It was miserably lovable. It was not fearful anymore. We had won our fears. Our hearts were celebrating this victory. We even did a small tapori dance in the middle of a desert storm. Then we picked up some courage to move onnnnnnnnnnnn…….


  1. that's some adventure! some interesting writing (esp. the manali rohtang tandi one) and some fascinating photos (esp in this one).

    look forward to the rest of the journey!

  2. Nice writing! intriguing and interesting! Keep going :)