Saturday, July 2, 2011


This moist wooden air around reminds me of those numerous days

Spent together in each other’s arms

Those cold windy nights outside

And inside, your warmth

My endless prayers that the rain outside should never hault

And I continue to get showered with your love

And a feeling that life can’t be more beautiful

And a deep regret that why didn’t we meet earlier

And a mirror to see you and me together

Embracing each other, appearing to be almost one

A sudden knock at the door which disturbs the silence

But brings in two cups of hot coffee

And then fighting over those sugar cubes

And finally sharing one between our lips

Difficult to find which one is sweeter.

The sugar cube or your lips

Sharing those childhood memories with you

Those moments of extreme happiness and some heart breaks

And then trying to heal each other

With a sincere love & care

Not wanting to come back to this city life

Finding ways if we could stay longer

But then had to leave the most beautiful fragment of our lives

Caged forever in that Hotel Room


  1. Ahh, so so so sweet. The description is so amazingly wonderful. Love is beautiful, indeed :)

  2. ah! lovely indeed would all passions indeed mature or dessicate in their own heat ?

  3. Finding means if we could break longer, but again had to leave the a lot of admirable fragment of our lives. Caged always in that Hotel Room.

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