Sunday, July 17, 2011

Delhi to Leh: 100 Rupay Jeb Main (departure morning) : G.T Karnal Road: Worth a Chapter

It was still pretty early on G T Karnal road, when I realized that people of my city appeared to be more health conscious than I thought they were. People of all ages & genders were walking, running, jumping or working out on both sides of the highway. It also made me realize the grave unavailability of community parks for these health conscious people who had to come to a highway to take in fresh morning breath.

Next was a filling station with semi-naked attendants. We had disturbed them pretty early. But arn’t they supposed to be serving 24x7. Next was the most atrocious thing one can do. The cruzer had to undergo a pollution check before we move ahead to stranger destinations. The poor guy responsible for the check was sleeping in his 5x4 cabinet with only loose underwear on. Must be really deep in his dream that we actually had to stuff ourselves in that cabinet, shake him well to get up & do the needful. He must have cursed the infiltrators the whole day.

It was getting cloudy. The roads were all wet. As if the rain was preceding us & guiding us towards the hill

Next stoppage was for the breakfast. The only Mc Donalds on G T Karnal road, opposite famous Cheetal Dhaba near Kurukshetra. So what is so special about a Mc Donald’s outlet? Well a Mc D corner in city matters nothing but a Mc D corner in be wilderness means a lot. It somewhere symbolizes modern day civilization. God knows, when will be the next “Aaloo Tikki burger be available?

We were almost going to miss it, when I saw the familiar “M” hiding on the other side of the half built flyover. Nice complex with other familiar food outlets like Subway & Sagar Ratna and some swans floating around. But only Mc Donald’s could offer food for early travelers like us. We even took an advantage of Mr Mc Donald sitting outside his own outlet & went inside to see how those egg muffins were made. We were probably too fond of infiltrating.

Newly arrived books, looking through the closed glass doors of those book shops. As if they wanted to come along. Break free from those glass cages & runaway with us to the real world. It was then that I decided to write a travelogue when I return.

Witnessing pollution coming from all big & small industries, we reached the famous city of Chandigarh. I had never seen this city before but had heard a lot. Well planned city, where sector 2 comes after sector 1 & not sector 10. So well planned, that every round about has a liquor vendor for sure. It surely shows the effect of joyfulness of the state over the state government. The traffic jam was very similar to that in Delhi.

The lunch was at Punjab- Himachal Border. The journey on plains was good but the difficult time was ahead……..


  1. hahaha when did you do this?

  2. hello dear where is the photo of yourself on the bike, only empty bike is shown Lolz