Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reaching Chandigarh

Chapter 1
It all started with one monotonous morning in the city. Had a couple of days in hand and absolutely nothing to do. Didn’t want to waste even a single minute in any of the malls, when I know I deserved better. A little restlessness inside gave way to the same old spirit of running away. The idea was to reach as far away as possible & then come back next day. Destination was never decided but the route was somehow drawn in the psyche. Remember! It isn’t about the destination, but about the journey. So I thought of the weirdest and most troublesome way of travelling.
A local road ways till Sonipat, auto till panipat, mini bus till Karnal, roadways again till Ambala and finally a school bus till Chandigarh. Well the fellow travelers were more amazed then you are right now. Was trying to make a world record for travelling on maximum number of modes of transport in one trip. I regret not travelling in a bullock –cart, tractor and a truck in my journey. Though I so dearly wanted to but was falling short of time to enjoy such rural luxuries.
Met an old friend at Chandigarh and had lunch together at Paras Down Town Mall (no different than the Gurgaon malls). While our conversation, he said that Kasauli and Shimla were not very far away and can be reached within three hours. though I earlier I wanted to settle down at Chandigarh and return next day, but now I was getting carried away by the idea of covering another 123kms and reach Kasauli. Suddenly, my journey had started becoming useless without touching the hills. How do I get there was the question and the target was right in front of me.  After bribing him of all sort of sweets available(as he has got a sweet tooth like me), he agreed on dropping me there. He was scared of staying there at night as he had heard a lot many Ghost stories of the region. Some incidences which occurred with his friends. Some of them got me scared too. But I can hardly deviate from my target. Sagittarian, an archer by nature. So I simply can’t help it

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