Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trip To Kasauli: chapter5

Chapter 5

Left the place while the housekeeping was still sleeping. The person at the reception was also feeling hateful towards me for waking up so early to check out. It was 7:00 a.m but people around were still indoors. I went to the same diversion point which is also supposed to be a bus stop. 7:30 a.m I boarded a local bus which was supposed to take me to Chandigarh. It took the road which was other than the one we had travelled to reach Kasauli. This road was wider, better, with awesome sceneries. The bus had almost no glasses on the windows & was running at God’s will. It stopped at a petrol station and didn’t start. Well we all waited for the next half an hour. Meanwhile, I saw a group of bikers stopping at the station for the fuel. I enquired where they were heading towards and if they would mind carrying sumone aas a pillion rider. They were going to Ludhaina, so I boarded one of the bikes and we started for the city I had never seen before.

It is always safer to travel with bikers. They never find any girl more interesting than their bikes. We stopped at few turns to capture the nature. The road towards Ludhiana was a little boring and so was the city. So thickly polluted (fourth among the most polluted city in the whole world) that I could hardly breathe. The city is called ‘ Menchester of India’. Only work, no play. No good food joints either. But hwy was I at Ludhiana? Thanks to the bikers & my feather like nature of going with the wind. But then I remembered a long forgotten friend and surprised her with my presence. It is always so special to surprise your loved ones with your smile. After a brunch with her, she helped me board a bus to New Delhi & in next five hours, I was at the same place from where I started less than 48 hours ago. Back to the same monotonous city but a new Travel Tale.

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  1. great narration of the entire series. ive been to kasauli many yrs ago - peaceful place indeed.

    My Third Eye