Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trip To Kasauli: chapter4

Chapter 4
While my way upto a food joint, saw a Sikh kid delivering dialogues from the movies of Sunny Deol that too with expressions better than Sunny paji himself. I found the 6 yr old very talented but the people around were not as surprised and impress as I was. It was probably his daily routine. While having my favorite Chinese food I was talking to a dog who was supposed to be guarding the place. Any slight sound or movement would catch his attention followed by an immediate action. He was no less than a CIA agent.
Was enjoying the serenity & the calmness in the wind when my friend called up. He had reached Chandigarh safe(to my surprise) & was advising me to go to my room ASAP. I was happy to see that he didn’t die on the way as I expected him to be. But at the same time was wondering why people feel scared of the things they can’t even see. While going back to my hotel room, I saw a group of college girls posing in the middle of the road under a lamp post and posing for their profile pic on FB while I saw a statue of a black dog outside a liquor shop & found it worth a click. But why a statue of dog outside a liquor shop?
Back in the hotel room, had a cup of tea while watching a very hilarious series which I had never seen before. My friend’s talks had made me a little fearful too. So I kept all the lights & TV on while I was getting into deep slumber of sleep. But when I woke up next morning, I found the TV switched off. There were surely some energy saving entities around

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  1. V good Writing Nandu..I must say...
    Lively Again...