Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trip To Kasauli

Chapter 3

I could see sign boards of hotels passing by. Very few people around and everyone watching with amazement. Well it happens whenever a girl roams alone. Finally I reached a point which was the entry to the station. Diversion of a road into three. Took the one going towards Air Force Station. On my way up, noticed a very primitive church with excellent old british style architechture, similar to the one I had seen in mussorie. Found it really alluring. Guard at the Air Force Station gate told me that the entry for the Monkey point(Favorite tourist spot) will open in the morning at 9 am. Looking at beautiful small independent houses around, I came back to the same point of diversion. Met a guy promoting his hotel. Followed the directions given by him & reached a beautiful cozy hotel. HIMGIRI was its name, which made me wonder why was it called so. As I don’t think it ever snows there. Amazed at the variety of forest flowers with varied colors & beauty. Collected some specimen to save in my diaries along with my poems.
Kept my stuff in that hotel room but could not rest even for a second. The nature was calling out so loudly that I  just couldn’t stay indoors. Went out with some warm clothes on to the mall road. Very few and organized shops with very few people shopping unlike any other mall road on any other hill station. There were such less number of people that I could actually count them on my fingers

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