Saturday, October 8, 2011


Time passes by and so does the age. Never to reoccur never to replay.
I wish to see the whole world till I am still young
Till I have the courage & strength to follow the most difficult terrains.
Till I still have the right eye sight to look at the amusing beauty around
Till I can still smell the clouds, touch the dew.
I wish to keep running away to destinations unknown.
But it’s not just the destination, but the journey I wish to cherish all my life
So when I will be nearing my death, I will still have the same smile which I had when I first saw the mountains.
And the words which I write now will bring back all the forgotten memories
All forgotten tales of my escapes to these hills
 who have enchanted me forever.
-          Nandita Prakash

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  1. Beautiful...

    you may like this one I had written long time back :)