Monday, October 10, 2011

Trip To Kasauli: Chapter 2 Reaching Kasauli

Chapter 2

Moving towards Kasauli, was reading sign boards of familiar names Solan, Kangra, Nangal. I was trying to choose target for my next trip. And finally the mind decided that they all deserve at least a visit & itinerary will be ready once I reach back home.

We had crossed Parwanoo and was 68 kms away from Kasauli when we met a diversion. While the sign board said something else, the police at a chowki directed us towards a very narrow road which goes staright to Kasauli. Very narrow & broken road but breath taking views. Had never seen such beautiful hills and dense vegetation. I always bragged about dense forests in Assam but these were no lesser. Every turn would bring a better picturesque view. The road was evidently very less taken. I was wondering if people actually visit this place. My dear friend kept on reminding me of possible consequences of staying alone in the ghostly place.
We reached Kasauli at 5:30 p.m. even after several times insisting on staying, my friend decided to leave for Chandigarh before it grows darker, as if it was not already. I was not very hopeful of him reaching home safe. With the kind of fear he had in his eyes, even a natural touch of wind could have killed him of heart arrest. He didn’t even enter Kasauli & left me a kilometer away from the city. But to my pleasure, for the first time in my life, I was walking on the clouds and it was literally as if I was walking on the clouds.


  1. Kasauli is heavenly....I dont what experience your friend has of Kasauli but for me it is always a a destination to relax and a destination to feel heavely

  2. MAza nahi aaya still m waiting for next one...