Friday, January 21, 2011


Reading you for days altogether
I am caught in your web of words

Every poem, verse, article
Is so full of clusters of words

They are not only words but
Clusters of emotions

Emotions – heavy, strong, passionate,
Transparent, true & rare

You are none of those imposters,
Who write only to be called a writer

You are true to yourself & your work
As a truthful writer
Your flamboyance when you talk about women
Sways every girl by her feet

You talk like an expert
Like a king of all traits

Being followed by many
You hardly have attitude any

You write like you own the words
& yet appear like that same old back bencher

I wish you grow bigger & mightier
Than your own words

May you win a million hearts
My little heart will be among those

This post is dedicated to Pallav Gogoi who is a wonderful writer...when i read him for the first time, i went crazy after his words....three cheers for an excellent writer....pls dnt forget ur fans when u really go famous.

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