Thursday, January 20, 2011


Desperation is at all time highest at this moment. Desperation to overcome depression. Did I tell you that the intensity of depression is even several times higher than the height of desperation?
It’s so heavy that I am not able to shed it off
. Increasing with the decreasing temperature perhaps.
It used to happen in the month of December but ha shifted to the first month of the year. May be with the climate cycle being shifted cause of global warming I guess.
Now that is scientifically justified but not me.
My mood swings cannot be justified only as a result of hormonal upswings.
My psyche is surely not dependent only on that.
Emotions as diverse as wishing to bring smile on the faces of many to suddenly turn dead mean & extinct yourself.
And then feel like running several miles to not even budge an inch when in bed.
This winter is definitely much more than being deadly to me.
Think of varied characters but feeling too tired & torn out to pen down.
To bounce on calorieful food & end up drinking only a bowlful of vegetable soup.
To feel like loving someone & being loved to turn into a witch & cursing everyone.
This weather is deadly than we can even think. At least for me.
So I wish it passes on while I & my relationships stay unharmed.
Though it is unlikely to be harmless but I must guard myself.

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