Sunday, January 23, 2011

To My Dead Father

When people die,they leave behind a trail of unfulfilled dreams, incomplete stories & incomplete lives.
when you died, I felt the same.
It was so abrupt that I couldn’t absorb it for sometime.
Kept hoping it wasn’t true. Kept imagining you.around.
There was so much I wanted to tell you. Many stories which I had written.
So many unfinished matches. So many conspiracies to be made & executed.
So many surprises to be given so many to be received.
I had it all, all in my heart folded.
But then you disappeared one day leaving me with all that & much more.
Its been thirteen years but I could not fill in that space which you had created in my heart.
I keep imagining what life could have been with you.
I feel I would have been a different person altogether if you were around. Someone’s disappearance changes everyone around forever.
This is what you did to me forever.
I never cried aloud when you had left.
But now I think I should have cried you out of my heart , out of my life cause you keep haunting me till today.


  1. I'm sorry to have learnt this.

    Do keep the faith; it usually takes me a long way.

  2. Raj :why u sorry buddy
    u didn't kill him
    dnt worry it was years ago
    i hav almost forgotten the pain
    but thanx for ur sincere concern buddy