Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Big cities, big population, high cost of living. In cities where a cup of coffee costs 75 bucks, these Anndatas give food for Rs 10. they can be seen in every corner with a huge fan following. They have customers throughout the day. They work from 5.a.m to 10.p.m & then prepare food for the next day. In a city where the cost of vegetables is growing high everyday, they satisfy their customers with fixed rates and delicious food.

I am talking about these Anndatas who are extreme hardworkers & feeder for many people.we also know the under the banners such as -AMRITSARI NAAN,BHOJPURI-POORI SABJI while interviewing some of these thelewalas and of those people who are their regular customers i was able to know about the background of some of these thelewalas, their home town and reason to come to city.

on one hand we have baristas, mc ds, dominoes & several café houses but on the other hand we have these thelewalas who serve thousands of people everyday with delicious & affordable food.

And you really want to know who is more poular? whatever the consensus say, these Ann Dattas are the real food suppliers for millions in this costly city


  1. yeah! they are real hard workers!

  2. i neva seen bhojpuri poori subji.....but its good one.

  3. really these so called "ANN DATA", are the real food suppliers, you can find them easily on every nook n corner of your city, surrounded by people of different class holding their dishes in hands.....
    very true observation....

  4. Thanx Buddy
    BTW i m fond of this roadside food
    finger licking good ;)

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    Btw, nice writeup on Ann data. I wish Bangalore had more of them; am a big roadie- foodie n love em fr both the taste n the cost factor. Kudos 2 u fr highlightin these heroes in a world whr a cuppa coffee costs Rs 75 while a pack of coffee powder is Rs 35. Great read n great effort.

    Rock On n do Vote.