Monday, December 26, 2011

India or Indiaaaaaah?

Was getting a little curious lately. How the whole world does see India? Well another question (which is somewhat associated with the whole issue is) that exactly how do we wish to represent our nation- as India or Indiaaaaaaaahhh. India would mean an aspiring nation (have been aspiring for 67 yrs and still aspiring) where people are not desperate by nature. Where people do not please others only for selfish reasons but its also a part of our hospitality. a nation where other nationals are no more seen with a wide mouth open, but with a friendly smile. Our street beggars are also trained how and how much to beg from a foreign national. But then some dumb heads (people from Hollywood as well as bollywood) find their closed mindedness to be so impressive and influential to the world that they even go ahead and make it a part of their movie and their bollywood counter part even celebrate such stupidity. When being an Indian yourself you let somebody else(who hasn’t done any fucking research on your nation still represent it like the nation of snake charmers) now that when you let your India called as Indiaaaaaaah.

Now getting a little straight-forward (which I am best at). Dear Mr Anil Kapoor…after your useless tenure of acting in Indian Cinema, had you not done enough damage(even leftanother of your kind  your daughter Ms Sonam Kapoor with again no acting skills in the industry to suffer) that you went ahead in defaming the nation in the whole world with your absolutely poor acting skills. We all remember your ridiculous dance at Oscars for Slum dog. And now you celebrate acting with Tom Cruise( where you are not giving a single dialogue scene with him but rather portrayed yourself as a horny bastered)- and yet you celebrate. And thank you Mr Tom Cruise for letting us all know how much you actually know about our culture. From those dancers dressed up in Katthak costumes and with absolutely vulgar dance steps to those antique paintings which you used as representation of lecher in Mr Anil Kapoor. And Mr Kapoor I only wish you had the guts to stand up an tell Mr  Cruise that hey buddy you may be a multimillionaire but let me tell you that you have no knowledge  about my country and I will never let you interpret it in such a useless way. But spineless as you are, it is not even expected from you.

Coming to Mr Russel Peters. My question to you is exactly when was last that you had visited India…and not Indiaaaah? You earn your bread butter only after ridiculing your own fellow men and their accent (Poor Indian English Accent as you say). Well I am very keen to listen to your Hindi or Punjabi  for that matter. Well, I have a number friends, who are fan of yours, who are like mad for you but I m sorry I find you repetitive and absolutely ridiculous. And when its been long doing the same old trick , you have recently started doing the same in Hollywood movies too. Brilliant bakwaas I say.

In years like 1980’s and early 90’s great actors like Dev Anand, Om Puri, Amrish puri, Naseer-ud-din Shah, Shammi Kapoor did some serious acting in Hollywood. Some of these movies are also kept in the classic sections and shown to the students of acting. Now thats what I call being useful. Not only to one self but to the nation as well. Again the question remains to be the same – that exactly how do we wish to represent our nation- as India or Indiaaaaaaaahh?


  1. Wonderfully expressed !
    Russel peter is an ****(censored), he defames his nation for his betterment, though what he say is 50% true, no Indian should do like that to his homeland !

  2. its a good funny read, with all your anger and sarcasm... but yes we should stop being too aggressive of what others think of us ...