Sunday, December 11, 2011

A New Journey To A New Destiny

Restlessness is giving up.
Its going to give up soon.
That’s the only thing I have in me
That is all I have ever preserved within
That is all I really care for
Nothing much.

But then what else do I exist for.
Why does this entire persona exists.
Why was it born at all
I ask
I ask with a pain, wrath & helplessness

I cry & cry aloud & then wipe my own tears.

Sometimes stay awake till late
sometimes sleep all day & somedays
simply go by, as I lay in
my bed wide awake.
Forget to change sides even.

But why do I exist.

Why can’t I gather  the courage,
stand up one day & fall from
the height, never to see such
helplessness ever again.

And the question remains to be the same
-why do I even exist.

Or why can’t I shed all the tears
Once and forever.
Stand up dust off myself and move on.

To a new road to a new life
A new journey to a new destiny.

1 comment:

  1. hope the destination is exciting :)