Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Palmistry Chapter 1: Texture Reading

i have just started reading this book on palmistry from my dad’s old collection of books. it is in hindi and with very rich vocabulary. it’s taking a lot of time to understand as we are no more accustomed to the same language which is also supposed to be our national language. Since I wanted to share my knowledge with my friends, I decided to translate it. starting with the first chapter, which is about reading the texture of skin on palm.
chapter 1
Reading The Texture Of Skin On Palm
Rough : wild in nature, rustic. roughness in behavior & work style. Less respectful & straight forward. works hard for livelihood. they don’t expect but believe in one’s moral values.
Soft (reddish) : they listen to their heart. shy away from facing harsh realities of life. like being in the world of fantasies & imagination and escape from all sort of hard work. but they prefer mental work instead. aspire to be famous in life.
Combination Of Rough & Soft :mostly successful in life. practical approach with correct blend of creative imagination. they find success almost everywhere. go-getters. good decision makers. present neat and clean work always and on time


  1. hhmmmm... let me just check out texture of mine skin....

  2. 2 wanna to check my skin texture.Got a nice information.Itz very interesting actually :-)