Thursday, December 8, 2011

To Give Up All To Become A Rover

What if we were not born from wombs but seeds from the ground?
With no branches or roots around.

With absolutely no heart to feel
And no wound, pain or sorrow to heel

What if we were allergic to each other?
With no family to call our own, no father no mother

And if we were all born brainless
And if this life was absolutely painless

What if we could never ever feel hungry?
And nothing on the earth could even make us angry

Then we had no dreams, no aims no expectations
No trust, no friends, no partners and no affection

No city, no state, no nation, no boundaries
No team, no group, no leaders, no visionaries

If we could fly like birds, go in the middle of the sky to hover
And if we could give up all to become a rover.


  1. Profound expression Nandita:) Loved it!

  2. Nandita, I should tell you this was very nicely written. The expression of wanting freedom could be felt.

    Animesh Ganguly