Thursday, December 29, 2011

Palmistry- Chapter 2: How To Study The Color Of Palm And Bone Structure

Study The Color Of Palm

Healthy pink : mentally & physically healty. they forgive, have patience, sympathize, loving, caring in nature. they treat life as a game & face all problems of life with a bright smile. they are always excited and enthusiastic about life. fun loving, friendly & very social.
Extreme Red : lack of patience. they start a task well but loose interst midway & then try to rush up. feel bored very easily. mess every area with lack of patience and are less organised and stay disturbed.
Pale: Negative, depressed. always try to find the negative side of everythiong. pessimistic, sad & exhausted. they feel & stay defeated all their lives.
Blue/ Purple : sick, selfish, sad, irritable, pessimsit. take life as a burden to be carried life long.

Bone Structure

Loose/ soft/ easily movable/flexible  : balanced, manages well even in extreme situations. win over hurdles of life.
hard/immovable/inflexible : not very balanced, not able to manage extreme situations. find it difficult to handle hurdles in life.


  1. Its really very interesting post. My palm color is healthy pink. I love to studying palm lines.