Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Be A Real Woman

As a woman we have two options.
Either be bold or stay shy.
If you stay shy, people would love you
as this is what they expect you to.
But if you are bold, there will be two things.
One, people would shy away from you.
Two, people will be scared of you.
If people shy away from from you, good for you.
If they are scared of you, they will try to hurt you.
And if they try to hurt you, you better be shy.

But whatever the world says
be what you really like to
bold or shy- none of them would make your life simpler.
So don't be either of them, just be a real woman.
The world is yet to meet one.


  1. great i agree with ur thoughts,
    good portrait of woman ,ths shows life is a circle, bt i think same applicable on Men also, always show wat u r never change urself for somebody else coz
    agar koi aapko badal kar pyaar karta hai to woh aapko pyaar hi nahi karta,
    waiting for more from ur pen,
    all the best.

  2. thank you jeetu.i can write only about women because this is the life i have lived always.don't know much about men.but i do agree to your point.thanx for your appreciation.will bring more beautiful thoughts in this world

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  4. Good post .. Actually I was curious to find out who could post more than 100 comments for Pallav.. LOL. If he wins the contest you should get the price...

  5. Thanx Farila for reading. i would request u to continue reading.thank you so much