Monday, April 26, 2010

Poor Men I Sympathize With You

A number of feminist women, like me, are against men & their entire breed.
But if i shed off this feminist veil, i see you as human as me.

I find you as vulnerable as anyone of us may be.

You too have your own set of problems, own set of insecurities.

You too feel lonely and sob sometimes,

though you can't compete with us, cause we are tear factories.

You people are always told to be strong & never cry, but then how do you relieve your pain?

Women say that men hate to give commitment in a relationship,

i say, who would not,

if they know that they had to earn and feed a whole family for rest of their lives.

If i were you, i too would run away.

But you still show courage and finally marry, have children, feed them, and keep them well.

I admire you for your commitment.

You may not be as expressive as women are but you surely equally love.

You try to keep your girl like a princess and you somehow manage it too.

Yes, you are sometimes over possessive but that is deep in you.

Probably, that is how you show your love, which suffocates us sometimes.

We are two different genders accustomed to blame each other for every wrong thing.

Forgetting all that,

i would like to acknowledge your presence

cause without you i can never be.

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