Wednesday, April 28, 2010


What I m writing right now is a very unusual and uncomfortable feeling.

For the past five years, I was living a life of a cocoon.

By God’s grace I am a butterfly now and have decided to meet my loved ones.

As it was not possible to meet each one of them individually, I opted for an easy way out.

Joined a social networking site and find them all.

Was very happy to meet them, they too were glad.

Where were you? What were you doing? Were the only questions asked.

I replied all genuinely. However, the response was very amazing.

I understand that people are real busy in this city but then how does everyone appears online on that social networking site the whole day?

None gives a true picture of themselves.

May be they are not sure of their existence or may be because I have become a stranger to them.

But whatever the reason may be, this city appears to be more virtual than real.

Sometimes, I really wonder if these people really exist.

May be they all have turned into Ghost Writers. It’s very unreal, unbelievable and deceptive.

And all these days, I thought my dreams were weird.

Here, in this city, the reality appears to be weirder.

“Fact stranger than Fiction” is what I have seen in this city.


  1. u r true it is the matter of priority....which is based on 2 factors emotional n practical.....

  2. On networking sites, every one projects their image as what they want to be, rather than what they are..

  3. u r absolutely right buddy
    but such fakeness is so irritating when u know the real people.its really diceptive & disturbing as well