Friday, April 23, 2010

Two Lilies In My Garden

Two Lilies In My Garden
Two Lilies had blossomed in my garden, few days ago.
When i first saw them. they had a real glow.

I thought, would fondle with them, probably take a picture or two,
then i got submerged in my daily mundane work,inevitably had to.

When i saw them after two days, their glow had started vanishing.
Oh i will surely click tomorrow, i was promising.

Next two days, i could not remind myself.
Meanwhile,they were drying and dying by themselves.

When i got up yesterday,first thing in the morning,
i went to the garden where there was nothing left even for the mourning.

All i could find were dried petals on the ground,
and there was a breeze of sadness in the garden all around.

Sometimes in the rush we forget to live...then later we regret the past but then there is nothing to be done....request to all readers of this blog to start looking around for life. In the race of life, don't ever forget to live.