Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grace my life with love unconditional

My life is a bliss, a gift from God
yet nothing significant to applaud.
I keep praising Him
for showing His love and affection
and try to make my life reach ideal point of perfection
but it is not Him that i seek
well, while saying this my voice does gets bleak.
I seek the love which only a human heart can give
and it is vital for me to live.
The way i struggle with my words to rhyme,
i juggle between relationships which were mine.
I need a shoulder to cry on.
I wish to see someone reading newspapers in my lawn.
I want to cook and feed him too.
All day in his arms and nothing else to do.
Holding arms, running wild into the fields.
Oh God i so really plead
grace my life with love unconditional
love which stays forever and is not seasonal.

i am getting hopeful again...........