Monday, April 19, 2010

Truly Inspired, you are eligible for success

"It was not before he told me to write for myself, that i started writing. He said that write whatever you think has never been thought before. Write whatever you think is new and innovative. Let your thoughts take shape of words and phrases. Pen down what your heart speaks and one day the whole world will listen to you."

In our lives whatever we start afresh is inspired by something or somebody. We already have it in us but still need a jerk to spit it out. A child picks up crayons only when he sees a beautiful painting. He creates his own story when he hears other making some. A source of inspiration may be minuet or huge, but when inspired it can work miracles. A humble inspiration and an electric beginning are the ingredients for a great work in future. There may be many inspirations and many inspired but they all don't succeed. Only those who are truly inspired are eligible for success .


  1. Only those who are truly inspired are eligible for success-golden words,
    But everybody have potential to acheive success,but u have to discover ur strength n intrests, then any body can do wonders.

  2. do u know the difference btw a sucessful person and others is niether knowledge or power it is the will......which makesc him or her stand high..

  3. You have just paraphrased your heart! Thanks for the post.

  4. Success actually follows the deserving, just dare to dream. I like your post :)

  5. Hey Dibas (Dibakar Sarkar),thanks for reading my useless scribble.hehehehe

    Sourav : u r always a sweetheart.:)