Monday, April 12, 2010

Perceptions About Power

Its a crazy world out there.And you know what everyone is crazy about? They are crazy about perceptions.Unintentionally we create people out if are perceptions and unfortunately , those people mould themselves according to the same set of perceptions given by others. Some who try to breakfree are called rebels. But no one can actually breakfree, cause we sometimes don't really know which was constructed by a perception. For instance, A woman is a woman, not only because of her gender but more because of perceptions which were percieved by others. As a child we are given a list of do's and don'ts.Even before i reach my puberty, i am told to stay mild,talk slow,be nice and polite,reach home before it gets dark, look elegant and desciplined, be social and generous,forgive your brothers for hitting you or being abussiveto you only because they are boys and boys are like that. Five days in a month, i live a life of an untouchable. Any diversions taken by any women is never liked. i was told thousand times to that women like to shop - no matter how much i hate it, i go for shopping as that is what i am suppose to do as a woman. I was told that women are always physically less powerful then men and can hardly knock out men in physical fights. There were scientific research been done to prove that i am weaker.
Now some facts - Human body can bear only upti 45 Del(units of pain). But at the time of a child's birth, a woman feels upto 57Del. This is equal to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time.
Well if men can still think they are more powerful,suite yourself. We never really cared.

Will be back with some more facts........follow me........


  1. We are the Power

  2. ...after reading this i came to the conclusion that women are more understanding and compassionate than men structurally it boost up yr confi....

  3. thanx for all ur valuable comments