Friday, March 4, 2011

Now I Wish To Change The Tide

Experimenting has been your favorite play
From childhood till today.

You experimented on heights of being scared by throwing at me
All ugly looking creatures on this earth.

Filling my Doll’s House with filthy earthworms
But I endured.

Spooked me peeping through my window at night
Dressed in white. But I endured.

Burdened me with all your notebooks when I had my own
burdened. But I endured.

You could never imagine the height of pain I felt
Watching you flirt with every girl available around.
But I endured.

You disappearing with your friends for months altogether
& never bother to call me once. But I endured.

You considered me anything other than ugly, stupid & useless
While the world had a different opinion. But I endured.

Confiscated my freedom while you enjoyed yours
But I endured.

You can never reach the depth of my endurance
You would rather die trying
But things are going to change
Cause I am tired of crying.

I am looking at the new Horizon wide
Since now I wish to change the Tide.


  1. I am looking at the new Horizon wide.. thats great!

  2. Gr8.....i loved the ending....go on and change the tide Nandita

  3. Thanx Geeta & Subhrashis for encouraging
    taking my first step today :)

  4. a change is on the horizon they say and your poetry is beautiful. its never too late to stop enduring and claim ur freedom perhaps :)


  5. 'You would rather die trying'...loved this line..this was beautiful Nandita:)

  6. Inspiring!

    Following your wonderful blog now.

    Defiant Princess

  7. @Leo: absolutely rite buddy

    @Raksha : i love this line too

    @hey Princess: thanx for following