Saturday, March 12, 2011

Promise I Will Never Retaliate

Subdue my existence
Use all your worth
Lock my body in a case
& throw me in the sea

Brutally cut me
Into infinite pieces
Drain my blood
And then kill me

Thrash, beat, hit
Oh you must
If you wish to
Hide your anxiety

But however powerful
You might be
You can’t vanish it
Such is my entity

Give me a pen & a paper
And some fresh air
& there a new world
I create

A deep longing
And a deeper crave
Which words & only words
Can satiate

Such ageless is my world
Which will survive
Even when people
Will take you to cremate

Till then you carry on
With your oppression
Promise you that I would
Never retaliate


  1. Engaging,i carried along but failed to reach a conclusion-why?lovely verse!

  2. photu tou ek dum jhakkaaaaaaaaash hai..... jokes apart.... yet another great writing....

  3. Tale of every woman. Even the worst treatment can't vanquish her spirit if only she wishes to keep it. Great post.

  4. thanx News room & Blue Lotus for reading and appreciating
    @Aprpana: i m glad u liked it
    & the Zephyr answered ur question very well
    thanx Zephyr u got the whole point
    thanx Anil