Saturday, March 26, 2011

Everyone Wishes To Own A Lioness

Everyone whishes to own a Lioness
but no one likes her roar

they like her wildness
but abhores her untamed soul

domesticate her and chain like a dog
and guide her to wag her tail and lick your foot

forget carnivorous nature
and start eating vegatarian food

but then why chain a lioness
go bring a swine

its precious then all
my freedom is mine


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  2. Quite insightful. We all start loving someone for their difference, and then spend an entire life making them look like us! Let the Lioness in each one of us survive!

  3. True!True!If only this world lets a lioness stay a lioness!

  4. Too cute! The thought is robust...and the words are as simple as water. nicely written!

  5. love the poem!

    Defiant Princess

  6. Nandita -the feminist sub-text of your poem makes it SPECIAL.
    Here is hoping that your inner Lioness is unleashed .Grrrr.

  7. All i have to say is that once again i am impressed by your lovely writing. xo

  8. hey friends its nice to know that u liked the sub-context
    Btw my inner lionesss is very active and attractive
    and i never let anyone tell me otherwise
    wish all my frineds feel the same way