Monday, March 7, 2011

If Only My Heart Could Allow

if only my heart could allow
I would have thrown away your memories

Shedding out all tears which could be inside
I would have promised that I would never cry

Its so hard to close my eyes and ask you to go away
While I try to close them, you appear to be closer

Keep myself away from your thoughts
But then you keep appearing in my words

Those who read my words can see you too
My fears are becoming true

I have been trying to hide you deep inside me
But I end up expressing more about thee

I am like a flower attached to you
To go away from you I will have to wait till someone plucks me away


  1. I am your fan Nandita after reading this!!!:)

  2. @Magiceye : truely agree wid u hehehehe
    @Raksha : i truly reciprocate
    @Amit : thanx
    @Emmy : thanx yaar

  3. Interesting piece, always love a poem where more emphasis is made on the essence than the rhyme! :)

  4. well..
    the more u push it away..
    the more it drags u with itself..
    the best is to let go..
    not think..
    just be what u are.. just be what u were..

  5. hey Bubbles thanx
    thanx Rup i think u r rite

  6. tell your heart to listen to your laugh too.CHEERS!

  7. @Pratibha: dnt worry i m a cheeerful person otherwise..hhehehheheh
    @Anil: aami jani ;)