Saturday, March 19, 2011

That Magical White Light

Carefully carved, standing still
In the middle of the night
Soothing, cold and healing
Is your white light

Your stillness stirs the tides
In the vast oceans
They rise high while you watch
With patience

Mysterious & most desirable you stand
In the middle of nowhere
But then you have companions like
Me with stories to share

You have been sleepless for ages
& so do I
Being sleepless is our destiny
No matter how much we try

I am always full of awe when I
See you growing every night
& I go crazy when I don’t
See the moon’s light

Every ray of your white light fills me
With love, life & happiness
As if an angel bestows them all
In all her fairness

You have been kind to be there
When I needed you the most
When I would lie down for hours
On the wet coast

You brought me back to my senses
To my life
It’s your magical white light
Which kept me alive


  1. Amazing...even I am in deep love with Moon since my childhood

  2. hey thanx Sub
    u always seem to be the first one to read what i post. thanx for reading
    @Rahul: now u know wht was i talking about :)

  3. aWEsome Post...

    Keep Posting!!!


  4. @stranger:thanx buddy.writing is irresistible so just cant stop it

    @madhumati:thanx sweety

  5. Amazing in Xpressing the hidden depths of the heart..... Impressed !!

  6. lovely and sweet :D

  7. thanx Vysh

    hey Daniel....thats like me ;)

  8. lucky moon that you writing such beautiful words for it, sad it might never even know...

  9. hey Siddhartha
    that lucky moon knows it ;)
    cause we talk every twilight wen no ones around
    wen dere is no polluting sound
    and he showers love abound.