Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Thinking about mysterious ways of life
Charming, alluring and forever testing
Appearing, disappearing charming white light
Always keeps me occupied when I am resting.

She has been extremely unfair a number of times
Yet many us of still survived
Making lives miserable is one of her favorite crimes
Yet many souls revived

She is capable of both the extremes
Like two sides of a coin twinned
Challenges are many in her stream
would surely keep your existence spinned

There she stands unsolved
Like an extremely difficult puzzle
Keeping the whole world involved
Making everyone bedazzled.

No soul could master it as yet
Undefeated she stands there
Several tried their best
But no one could enough dare

This unknown Mysterious Mistress

‘Life’ – its called


  1. nice perspective to look at life! :)

  2. Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth.
    Martin H. Fischer

  3. life is the greatest mystery and unpredictable too.

    nice post.

  4. Thans SUB & RUP
    Thanx Purba for stopping by
    hey Pratibha: love u for always reading whatever i scribble
    thanx Anil tum zabardast baaa...lol
    thanx Raksha
    Daniel: love ur random comments.kind of assures me that u r reading & liking it too