Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Want To Sleep Beside You

I want to sleep beside you
And wake up being there

Close my eyes looking at you
And open again to share

Wrap my arms around you
When you come fresh from water bare

Long walks holding your arm
And feeling the calm air

Reading my favorite words
With you sitting in the some chair

Wish to stay everyday with you
Only if life stays fair

Imagining a life without you
No I can never dare


  1. @Geeta :Thanx. hey but must tell u that ur posts are very interesting
    @deguide: thanx for reading. if u r fond of poetry then u must read my other poems too.
    @Sub: thanx buddy for always commenting lovely comments

  2. A daring and honest, lovely expression!

  3. garda.......... ekdum jhaar ke baa........
    Wish to stay everyday with you
    Only if life stays fair..

    life is always fair nandu... few ppl are making worse....
    nice words, nice narration.. and awsum nandu...

  4. @Arpana: love has to be daring. can't cover up the overwhelming emotions. at least i cant.
    @Emmy: agree wid u cuteeeee ;)
    @Anil: ekdum jhakaasssss baaaaaaaa lol

  5. Nandita, your lines are at time troubled and scary, but they do convey a lot of aspirations. All the best.

  6. thanx Rajesh And sorry if my words really scared

  7. loved the intimacy and desire with blended romance.. loved it Nands.. <3