Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Am In Love With Pain

Let me sit reduced to a corner beneath the dark night.
Let me be with me and enjoy my pain.

Share, I would never, cause its close to my heart.
Dare, I would never to tear it apart.

I would do what I enjoy the most
Sit, moan and weep for countless hours.

Cry till I loose my breath
Cry till my head aches and nerves go numb.

And then fall on the bed like a dead leaf
Now that’s what I call a painful act

And then next few hours of ecstasy
Give me more of it cause I am in love with pain


  1. hey!! thats really painful..dear :)keep smiling

  2. its not always true that what u love is worth... sooner u realise this better it is... :) :)


  3. thanx Geeta wud surely take ur advice
    @rite said Rup

  4. Hope is the only answer so keep smiling, I am sure you will get the reason for it soon.
    Very touching post indeed.

  5. nice one.. beautiful way to put feelings in words...

  6. Delicious pain, they say, don't they? Well, as much in love with pain you may be, joy is what makes for happy health. So cheer up there and share!

  7. I could relate to this so much... the yearning and the pain... and your lines...
    'And then fall on the bed like a dead leaf
    Now that’s what I call a painful act'
    ... touched me deeply.
    Thanks for sharing and your image for the verse was great and relevant too...

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    Om Namah Shivaya
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  8. @ hey Kunal Thanx..i wish u keep on cuming :)
    @Zephyr thanx for cheering me up wid ur comment already

    @Shashi: i m really glad that u could relate to the same pain
    but i really wish no one gets into such a situation

  9. That's a nice write up. Falling in love with pain is an intriguing concept indeed. That usually happens when one has seen too much of pain in life and has no other option except for to bear and live with it. Nice :)

  10. ouch.. that's harsh.. but so true in a deeper sense. and yes, embracing pain and loving it is needed in life!


  11. I can so relate to that feeling right now. It is so damn painful to love and then be treated like u don't matter.
    I so wanna go to Venus and never come back.

    Rituparna ...

  12. Beautifully written...I relate to it completely.
    And kudos to the title.

    Do check out my blog when you get the time. Thanks!!

  13. @Vamsi : hey u got my entire point of writing this post buddy. thnx
    @Sanjana : love u for this sweet comment honey
    @Leo : thanx but i must tell u taht u write very well
    @Rituparna: i wish it never happens to u again
    @Neeraja: thanx fro reading mine. will surely visit urs

  14. I like your form, nice work :)

  15. Ouch! thats was really painfull. Loved the thought of celebrating pain though. You write well. Cheers!

  16. Internalizing pain is something very personal and since you are in love with it so cant wish for anything better :)