Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its Always Subjected To Change

Its been really long since I had
seen my real self.
So I got up, dusted myself
of this worldly dust
& there I was
Clean & clear
Pure & beautiful as ever
& then I realized that it was
not I who had changed,
But the worldly dust
which segmented & cast me hard.
I thought it was forever
until I realized that
all I had to do was move.
So the cast cracked
& here I am- The Real Me.
Clean & clear
Pure & beautiful as ever.

Amazing isn’t it?
Would you not like to try it for yourself?
Keep all aside.
This quest is worthwhile.
The quest to find yourself.
The quest to prove the fact
that no matter how hard
the cast might be,
But its always subjected to change.


  1. Nandita

    I like your writing style, and the concept of "Lessons in Running Away". You are tapping into a deep well and could make something of this.

    For me, the first 20 years of my adult life were a mix of travelling/running away; in reality here was quite simply nothing better to do!

    Now, married with children I still find the random walkabout, even when just for a single day, the most refreshing experience life can offer. I don't see it as running away at all now, but, as you say in the poem, a way home to yourself.

    Keep on keeping on.

  2. hey Ramps
    thanks for reading
    well i always believed that running away is an inbuilt mechanism which is present only in lucky few.wish u go to many more places & die well traveled :)