Monday, August 9, 2010

Lesson 8 -First Morning In Manali

Next morning was all the more moist. It had rained the whole night & was still pouring. Manali was welcoming me really well. All I could see out of my window were clouds. Dense white clouds. Morning tea never seemed so soothing & special as it appeared then. Creativity is at its best, early in the morning. That’s what I had always believed & observed as well. Wrote few lines while still on my bed. Well don’t know when did this strange bed became mine. Popped another pill with the breakfast.

Local guide & my cab driver was present at the reception already. Pinka, a middle aged Nepalese who looked like a 16 year old teen. Awesome voice & flawless diction of Hindi, which could even put me to shame. He has been working here for the past 7years. He has two kids & a wife in Nepal. He was surprised to see me all alone as I was surprised to see his awesome, fast yet smooth driving on those uneven roads with deadly crisp turns. Decent guy with a decent smile. There was another thing which I really liked was his name – Pinka. Cute, would like to name one of my sons with the same name.

Though I am not a very religious person but I like the serene environment around the places of worships. Temples, churches, monasteries, they all carry similar kind of vibrations which are healing in nature. I suppose its nothing else but the power of hope & faith. Several people visit here with hope & faith in their hearts & spread it around. So the first day in Manali was going to be started with visitations to some of the primitive temples in & around Manali. Curious to know about the stories behind their creations & Sthapana, I started my journey.


  1. after reading it seems tht u r on a tour of manali, gr8 place ... enjoy the whole summer in manali .. takecare ..

  2. hey Ashwin
    i went on one such trip a couple of weeks ago.
    abhi to flash back main likh rahi hu
    agree wid u - great place

  3. a beautiful place...hope u had fun... :)

  4. yes its a beautiful place and I HAVE BEEN THERE AND LIKED THOSE TEMPLES AND CHURCHES.