Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lesson 15 - Why saying Goodbye Is Always Painful?

As I started moving towards the private bus stand, it started raining again. I was already missing that moist smell, warmth & coziness of my hotel room. Then a weird idea slightly crawled into my mind. Why not stay back, search for job, a house on rent? Why not just disappear for the people in Delhi? Why not just let them assume that I died on a crazy trip & meanwhile create a beautiful life here among hills. I have always wondered why I get emotionally connected to the nature & places than humans. I wish I was a tree or a mountain rock. The nature was crying & so was I to part once gain for an indefinite period of time.

With a real heavy heart, I boarded the bus. Unlike my previous experience, this bus started on time. Passing through the same conventional Kullu- Manali road, again saw my kin Vyas. Running wilder, as if trying to catch hold of me. It was getting darker & gloomy. To distract my mind, I was listening to some of my favorite songs. Don’t remember when I fell asleep. In my sleep, I dreamt about the bus falling into the river & drowning slowly. I saw water level increasing from the window. I was so choked in my dream that it awakened me. It took me few minutes to realize that it was only a dream. I kept on looking at the river for a really long time.

The bus stopped at a very lonely place to unload some stuff. Exactly then, I saw a procession passing through that dark lonely road. They were carrying some idols in a Palaki, dancing & singing with devotion. Himachal has many places of mythological relevance & the people are devoted enough to keep the old tradition alive. Sighting such a procession is considered to be fortunate. So I assumed it was a blessing for me too. The gloominess stared fading away & the sky became brighter with a nearly full moon. I always felt a connection with the moonlight. It kind of refills me with life & keeps me going for the rest of the month. Had a good night’s sleep & when I woke up, I was already in Delhi. Guess what? It was raining in Delhi as well. From that day till today, the weather in Delhi has been really pleasant & rainy. I believe I brought it as a gift from Manali.