Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lesson 7 - Freedom Comes With Loneliness

When the bus reached Manali, it was evening already. On my way to Manali from Bilaspur, I had been reading signboards of Sundernagar, Rampur, Haripur. Was thinking about another possible itinerary.

10 kms away from Manali, there is a small village called Aleo.556 total population. Small corn fields & apple orchids. Decided to live there. It was drizzling outside. Probably this is how Manali decided to welcome me – with a moist lovely weather & a familiar cold breeze.

The woodwork in the hotel room, reminded me of my aunt’s house in Shillong. Same warmth, same wood. I was feeling a little feverish. Thanks to the cold I had been infected with in Delhi. Had an awesome dinner, popped a pill & watched a couple of movies. Also looked at the local Himachali cable channel with amusement for sometime. Went to the reception to check out some information about the local attractions & book a cab for the next day. Though I had been to all local attractions on my previous trips, but was checking if I had missed something last time. My immediate requirement was a rain coat, without which my trip could have been in trouble. The rain was surely there to stay. Availability of a rain coat was rare in the nearby locality. Had to go to the main mall road next day for the same.

So hopeful for a bright sun next morning, I went to my room. When I got into my bed & looked around the empty room. A sudden pang of loneliness stung me. There I was a single entity, in a strange state, among strange people & lying on a strange bed. But that’s what I always wanted. Freedom comes with a strange tag of loneliness. Longing for a warm lovely embrace, I fell asleep, stretched on the same strange bed. Hoping to meet someone in my world of dreams, where I originally belong

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