Monday, August 16, 2010

Lesson 12 - I Was Blessed Again

Riding ahead I reached Bhuntar & then decided to take a U- turn. This time I decided to take other road which leads to Naggar & runs parallel to the conventional Kullu-Manali road. To pass from one road to another there is a very huge & beautiful bridge which needs to be traveled. This Naggar road was far better than the other road. Wonder why it was less taken & so smooth. Perfect for a loner like me.

Manikaran – another hot water spring spot was few kms away but I decided to skip. I don’t know what is really wrong with these hot water springs which keeps me away from them. Never been able to see one because of this internal reluctance. It had stopped raining by then, but I was still with my rain coat on. It was noon & I was having those hunger pangs. There was a very small cafe at the bank of Vyas. It was so close to the river that a high tide could actually pour in some water inside. I started wondering about the condition of this place during floods. The cafĂ© owner got so fascinated to see an Indian girl riding alone that he paid special attention to my needs such as extra butter on the parantha & more sugar in my tea. He even waived at me when he saw me leaving. I am sure, he must have dreamt about me the whole day & probably night.

Next was one of the best experiences of my life. With continuous cold winds entering my ears, my head had started aching. Soon I reached a Tibetan Monastery built in 2005. I had never seen a Monastery before. At its entrance there was a junior school for junior lamas. In the middle was the place for worship & a resourceful library. Then there were quarters for other lamas all around. When I took the steps up to go inside the place of worship I was astonished to see the world around. It was truly eternal. Facing the place of worship was a huge mountain& a seamless sky. Had never seen such a scenery ever. When I entered the place of worship, my headache had suddenly disappeared miraculously. This place was beautifully decorated with laces & frills. Pictures of many kings & Gods were hanging all around the place. A blue statue of Gautam Budhha was very alluring with other beautiful sculptures around. Here no one appeared to be strange. They all smiled without any provocation & their smiles were so natural & real unlike yours & mine. They were the real devotees of god. The grace of God reflected through their smiles. Once again I felt truly blessed


  1. this is turning into a page turner. can't wait for your next installment

  2. trust me u will be well fed
    keep reading