Monday, August 2, 2010


Once you are convinced about the benefits of running away, let us get into the action. Well you dare not plan anything – this is the first lesson which you need to learn. Things never go by plan & when they don’t, they only pile up agitation. So keep it simple – no plan & no agitation. Remember – most beautiful things in life are always unplanned.

Next lesson which you must learn is to shed all egos. You may be a CEO at your workplace but you are still nothing for the world. Move out of your home as an amateur traveler & you would be really happy during your journey. So be ready for zero seats availability, arguments, fights, false commitments by travel agents, sleeping on the aisle of the bus & stay unusually calm & polite. The more you are tortured during the journey, more valuable & knowledgeable it will be for the rest of your life. Who said running away was easy?


  1. yup .. so true it a'int easy at all to runaway ... u needa be so patient to actually enjoy the moods of runaway ... !!