Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lesson 10 - A Blessed Day

Next stop was Hadimbaa Temple. Spot for many famous bollywood scenes. The old ritual of sacrificing lambs is still prevalent here. Also known as Dhoongri Temple, it is situated in the middle of a forest of Deodar trees. Made in 1533 A.D, the temple has an awesome architecture. You could also find horns of sacrificed animals hanging on one side of the temple. Serene surrounding & welcoming jungle around.

Opposite to the temple is a park called Great Himalayan National Park. There is a track which when followed, takes you to a beautiful jungle with no wild animals but amusing scenery. Noticed a sign board which said “Environment is like our mother, once destroyed we can’t get another”. I got lost in the woods. Always wanted to & here I was amidst the beauty of green. Wanted to stay lost forever. But then there was much to be discovered.

Moving back towards the civilization, I went to the Club House. It has indoor games facility & a nice restaurant. Played my favorite Pool for half an hour, fed myself well & moved on.

Next stoppage was Manu Temple. The only temple of Manu Rishi in India, who is believed to have created human race on earth. Yet to understand why did he do that. Create a species which not only harms themselves but religiously destroys everything around. Well, coming back to the temple, it has a number of bronze statues of several Gods & Goddesses. Amidst all stands the statue of Manu Rishi.

It was already evening. Time to go back to the hotel. But was I not missing a very important thing? Rain Coat & boots. Though I so wanted to avoid that crowded Mall Road but ultimately had to confront that ugly crowd of human race created by Manu Rishi. Got myself a pink Barbie rain coat & a pair of rubber boots. Some things remind me that after all, I am a girl. They were not just products but soon they were going to be a part of an unforgettable journey. So even before the journey, they were already dear to me.

Went back to the hotel. First day spent with ultimate pleasure. Gathered blessings which would now last for another five years. Lots more to follow. I must sleep now. But watched ‘Golden eye’ & ‘Pink Panther’ before I finally fell asleep with another pill to keep me well next day. The day gone was well utilized but then there was so much to follow

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