Friday, August 13, 2010

Lesson 11- Unpredictable To The Brim

Next morning was not very bright. Cloudy & rainy again. Still feverish I stayed in bed till a little late than usual. This was getting lethargic with more number of cups of tea. Didn’t wanted to waste even a single day. I had been waiting for this trip for really long. So I got my survival kit ready with medicines, dry fruits, water & few others.

Today’s journey was going to be unplanned & unpredictable to the brim. No idea, no route map, no itinerary only movements- of lifetime. So I went out loaded with a rain coat, pair of rubber boots & my survival kit. Hired a bike for Rs 500 after negotiation from a bike shop in main Manali. Leaving the crowd behind I took up that conventional Manali- Kullu route when rain was still on. Hills on my right & Vyas on my left. No matter how much I try, Vyas would win. It felt as if we were running together. Indeed we were. It was cold, very cold. My running nose got freezed but then there occurred a leak. A leak in the eye which occurs when there is overwhelming happiness, love & freedom. Felt like nature’s own. Never felt so loved, so pampered as I did now amidst these hills & this river.

Reached Kullu but yet unstoppable. Few kms away from Kullu, there is a Rabbit Farm. I had already crossed it’s sign board but something brought me back. 800 Rabbits of German breed. Size varying from that of a cat to dog. Funny looking faces. A set of women shaving off their furs in a room. These furs are sold at a very high price for manufacturing Angora Shawls. I wanted to buy a pair of them, but the owner said that they would die in the climate of Delhi. Not the shawls, rabbit. All these rabbits looked different but had the same look in their eyes. They all had a desire to be free. Run wild as they were born to be


  1. It seems u had a nice experience thr... :)

  2. ya Neer..had a soul stiring experience
    advice such run away trips to all my friends
    yhanx for reading :)